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Analytics & Big Data

What is Big Data?

Every day trillions of bytes of data are being created - so much so that we are faced with an immense data explosion. This data comes from different sources like posts on social media sites, digital pictures, videos, and other online transactions. This data is big data.

Along with this enormous volume of data, there are two other dimensions that make up the term ‘big data’. Those are velocity, the speed at which data is being generated and variety, the new types of evolving data e.g. social networking sites, tweets, etc.

Harnessing Big Data Opportunities: 

More than the challenges associated with managing big data like capture, storage, search, sharing and evaluation, large data provides an opportunity for useful analysis and insight. Big data analytics helps your business recognize market trends that would make it more nimble and responsive to take your business to the next level.

How Big Data Can Help Your Business: 

 Financial Services  




Detect fraud  

In-store behavior analysis  

Design to value  

Optimal treatment pathways  

Model and manage risk  

Cross-sell / up-sell  

Crowd-sourcing “Digital factory” for lean manufacturing  

Remote patient monitoring  

Improve debt recovery rates  

Optimize pricing, placement, design  

Improve service via product sensor Data  

Predictive modeling for new drugs  

Personalize banking/insurance products  

Optimize inventory and distribution  


Personalized medication  

What We Offer: 

e-Catalyst  is uniquely poised to provide a wide range of big data services based on our skills and experience. We combine our expertise with our wide range of tools and industry best practices to deliver rich analytics. Our range of big data services includes the following:

  • Business and Architecture Consulting
    At e-Catalyst, we offer a comprehensive range of Business & Architecture consulting services that help you transform your large data into analytics. We add value by evaluating right technology platforms and architecture assessments and definitions. We combine our expertise and knowledge with industry best practices and proven methodologies and tools like Hadoop, Cassandra, Teradata-Aster, Netezza, Vertica, Greenplum, Informatica, Talend etc.  
  • Application Engineering
    e-Catalyst offers a wide variety of application engineering solutions that are scalable and based on NOSQL platform. From implementing big data applications, using map-reduce platform to reengineering legacy ETL / DW systems like Pig, Hive, e-Catalyst has the right solution for transforming your large data into valuable analytics.
  • Big Data Analytics
    e-Catalyst provides a comprehensive portfolio of services that delivers a wide range of business analytics such as financial recovery, churn management and real time fraud detection.  Our advanced tool kit includes ConText for analysis, Matrix for maturity assessment and ODDS for transactions outlier identification. We support products like RHadoop, RHIPE, Apache Mahout, SAS and SPSS.   

Why e-Catalyst:  

  • Focused Center of Excellence (CoE)
    •  Skilled team comprising architects, programmers and big data practitioners
    •  Hadoop cluster infrastructure   
  •  Implementation exposure to: 
    •  Insurance, Banking, Retail, Healthcare, Telecom  
  •  Experienced in variety of tools in Ecosystem:
    •  Defining storage patterns in HBase, HDFS
    •  ETL scripts using pig, hive, map-reduce and workflow development using Oozie, Azkaban
    •  Analytics and Machine learning using RHadoop and Apache Mahout
    • Real-time data processing using Storm, Spark etc.

e-Catalyst Products:

Customer Speak:

“e-Catalyst continues to demonstrate the behavior that we value-recognizing the business value from project taking end to end ownership”

--- Leading Pharma Company, USA.

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