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e-Industry Specific ERP’s for SME

ERP for Construction Industry:

Infrastructure development and planning are growth indicators of the nation. Annual industry growth for most of the developing countries is about 4-8%, while the construction varies between 10-23%.

One of the main drivers of the growth is their infrastructure. This primarily depends on the construction sectors like Transportation infrastructure, irrigation and power projects.

Application Vs Industry:

5-M’s of a construction project are the Manpower, Materials, Machinery, Money and the Management, this product will covers all the functional areas of the business and high quality analysis reporting for the better decision making and Competitive in market space for better services.

Cost Estimation, Planning, Budgeting, Resource management and documentation are key factors of Bidding or Tendering, Since, many engineer-weeks of the time is required for estimating direct costs while repeating them in other applications to plan in detail.

Application supports to create MS Project files, to schedule, monitor and export to Excel for Analysis.

Product Coverage:

Accounts: Auto,Payments,Auto Receipts,Auto Journals,Ledger A/C,Heads,Groups,Banking,Reports,Returns.

Business Development: Tender Navigation,Documentation,Eligibility checks,Bid Preparation,Risk Management,Revenue Strategy,Assess Profitability,Overhead Estimation,Client Management.

Corporte: Promoters,Client Orgn,Orders,Resolutions,Financing,Banking,worksites.

Documentation: Inward Corr,Outward Corr,Drafting,Reminders,Templates.

Eqipments: Purchases,Tracking/Transfers,Registrations,Statutory,Fuel Issues,Hired Eqpt Bills,Logging,Assign crew,Spares & Repairs.

Human Resources: Org Charts,Attendance,Payrolls,Leaves Mgmt,Recruitment,Statutory,Taxation,Performance.

Material/Inventory: Purchase Notes,Arrivals & QA,GRNs,Sales Notes,GINs,Tracking,Transfers,Transportation,Services,Gross Trading,Billing,Stocking & Consuming

Network: Dynamic website,Add Pages,Publish,Information,Careers,Vendors Management


Procurement: Indenting,Assignments,RFQs,Offers,Approvals,Releases,Resources,Vendors.



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