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Engagement Models

As the environment for business and technology services evolves, customers are increasingly demanding the flexibility to choose their own mix of risk and control factors for each individual initiative. We offer a variety of engagement models to suit the varied commercial and management parameters of your projects.

Fixed Price - Fixed Time: This model provides the Low Risk option – with the assurance of both a guaranteed fixed price and pre defined delivery date. This approach can be employed when the scope and specifications of the project are reasonably clear.

Deliverables, costs and timelines are precisely documented in order to support the strong project management methodology required to meet delivery terms. A phased approach that includes scoping, development, implementation and business support is followed.

Additionally, by combining the fixed price-fixed time model with our "right-site" globally distributed implementation capabilities, we can offer customers a tremendous cost advantage while providing low-risk and effective control of the implementation process.

Time & Material: In this business model, e-CATALYST forms project teams with the required resources and project managers. The teams are provided equipment and infrastructure based on project requirements. Customers pay periodic charges based on the applied resources.

This model interfacing offers the ability to adjust team size and composition at any point if variations in the project plan occur. Because of the immediate control this approach affords, most of our services that are delivered on-site, at the client's location, use this business model. This model is also suitable for any ad-hoc work that the client may want to get done.

Time and materials engagements most often include the largest opportunity for and collaboration between e-Catalyst and client resources. e-Catalyst resources are selected based on reviews of both technical skills and interpersonal qualities. They are motivated, highly-competent consultants who work seamlessly with client teams to achieve project objectives while making a positive contribution to the work environment.

Modularized Hybrid: Within a Fixed Time - Fixed Price engagement, e-Catalyst can perform individual tasks of a project on a Time and Materials (T&M) basis. The phases and tasks outside the scope of the fixed bid, and any ad-hoc work would fall under the T&M arrangement. In such hybrid engagements, the client has precision and flexibility in mixing cost, risk, and control with respect to each stage or task of an implementation.

Partnership with Revenue & Risk Share: IT projects are undertaken to provide cost savings, higher productivity, or increased revenue opportunities. However, these projects need some investment towards development costs. Also, with any strategic initiative, there are associated risks. We are confident in our ability to deliver measurable business benefits, while the client may still like to 'feel' the benefits. In many such cases, we offer to link our project fees with the actual business benefit our clients realize.

Revenue & Risk Share model is popular amongst emerging businesses or technology companies.e-Catalyst can invest and share the development costs in return for jointly owning the Intellectual Property (IP) and sharing revenue streams, and thus share the risks involved in developing and marketing a product along with our customers.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Model: When any overseas based company wants to establish an offshore operation in India, starting small and growing over a period of time, they find that it is difficult to attract right talent for a start-up, and also the over-heads are high. Applying the Build-Operate-Transfer model, e-Catalyst can rapidly establish an offshore operation for a customer, and later transition the center to the client's control or ownership.

The phases of the B-O-T model include the following services.

Build: Setup the facility and infrastructure within e-Catalyst's existing facility, staff the development center, and establish knowledge transfer.

Operate: Manage the offshore team including program management, development, QA, maintenance, enhancements, and product support.

Transfer: Register a new offshore subsidiary for the customer, transfer assets, and handover operations.

BOT Extension to ODC model.

Considering some clients specific needs, e-Catalyst also offers the option of converting an ODC (Offshore Development Center) model into a BOT model after a mutually agreed duration without any additional transfer fees.

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Customer Speak:

“e-Catalyst continues to demonstrate the behavior that we value-recognizing the business value from project taking end to end ownership”

--- Leading Pharma Company, USA.

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